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1.Building 100-101, Huli Industrial Park ,Tong'an ,Xiamen

2.fujian AnXiXian FengCheng town sing-an road, 19-20

General manager General manager
Respected leaders, guests and friends: hello!
      Xiamen and starr power electric appliance Co., LTD in the party committees, the government's attention and concern, support of friends from all walks of life, the company leadership and staff unite and strive, stable operation, staff, becoming established targets upwards. Ya, since its establishment, the company will continue to get your love and support we feel very lucky, the rate of my staff hearty thanks!
      Development is the absolute principle. We must people-centered development. Keep the original, halt is outdated and backward. Only to keep pace with The Times, continuous innovation, elegant, can survive and develop. Facing the market economic tide, we should view, seize the opportunity, laying a solid foundation, to ensure the sustainable development, realize the harmonious enterprise, in a flashlight kingdom reate first-class brand. Yesterday, the tree of speared out seedlings are thriving, tomorrow, elegant, will become a flourishing towering trees. "The light to the world, the world" is to bring elegant, strive for the goal.
      We warmly welcome guests at home and abroad, new and old customers to visit and cooperate, unfold the grand plan.
Manager: LinJianZhong

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